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CEP Goals 2023-2024

Goal 1:
All students learn to read well. By June, 2024, we will have an increase of 10% literacy proficiency for all Grades 3 to 5 students, from 39 to 49, as measured by NYS ELA Exams Results for the 2023-2024 SY.

Goal 2:
All students are physically and emotionally safe. By June, 2024, we will increase in student wellness by 15%, from 75 to 90, as measured by positive responses on the EOY student wellness survey data.

Goal 3:
All students have a high-quality academic experience. By June, 2024, we will have an increase of 10% math proficiency for all Grades 3 to 5 students, from 35 to 45, as measured by NYS Math exam results for the 2023-2024 SY. 

Goal 4:
All students graduate college and career ready and have a strong plan and pathway to economic security. By June, 2024, we will have a 20% increase of student participation, from 65 to 85, as measured by student participation data in college and career spirit days.

Goal 5:
All districts and schools are more inclusive and responsive for parents and families, including having more families choose NYC Public Schools. By June, 2024, all students' family participation in school events will increase by 50%, from 25 to 75, as measured by family participation data.

Goal 6:
Chronic Absenteeism. By June, 2024, the number of students who are chronically absent will decrease 25%, from 40% to 30%, as measured by the current NYCPS Insight attendance data.

Goal 7:
Quality Individualized Education Program (IEP). By June, 2024, to strengthen the quality and implementation of IEPs for All Students with Disabilities (SWD), we will improve Alignment of IEPs across present level of performance, goals, and recommended programs and services by Increase of 10%, from 90%, as measured by Child Study Team meetings, IEP reviews and Supervisory review of Teacher IEP completion.

Curriculum Programs for 2023-2024

Wilson Foundations / Words Their Way

Reading & Writing:
Great Minds Wit & Wisdom Geodes

Great Minds Eureka Math / Exemplars

Amplify Science + Digital

Social Studies:
Passports to Social Studies + Digital

Digital Online Programs:
Great Minds InSync
iReady Reading & Math

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