P.S. 214K

The Michael Friedsam School

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Public School 214K's Mission

Our mission is to educate every child to his and her fullest potential. We provide a comprehensive, standards-driven instructional program designed to address the varied learning styles and ability levels of our students. We strive to build a strong collaborative relationship with parents and guardians as they have an integral part in our students achieving standards of excellence.

Every Child... Every Journey... At PS 214K we strive to provide rich, motivating learning experiences for every child. Our goal is to establish environments which opens the doors to a life of learning. We are here to support our students, their families and the community in your path to global citizenship in this 21st century.

All students will master academic vocabulary within all subjects, which will support their understanding of language and content knowledge, and will result in the development of their writing craft,in content, school-wide.

PS 214K is committed to the belief that all students are entitled to opportunities that will allow them to access all learning and become successful. This equity commitment will be achieved by:
1. Holding the school community accountable to high expectations for all student learning;
2. Providing intentional experiences and resources for all students which will allow them to access both academic and non-academic learning, and empower each to advocate for themselves;
3. Confronting both racial and economic disparities by celebrating our diversity, breaking down cultural barriers and building an appreciation for unique, diverse learners;
4. Providing intensive, data-driven interventions and social-emotional supports for all students to face and deal with challenges, and grow into successful global citizens.

PS214K Curriculum
2021 - 2022 School Year

Phonics: Wilson Foundations / Geodes
Reading & Writing: Great Minds Wit & Wisdom
Mathematics: Great Minds Eureka Math
Science: Amplify Science + Digital
Social Studies: Passports to Social Studies + Digital
Digital Online Programs: Great Minds InSync |  Raz Kids  |  Imagine Learning  |  ZEARN