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Getting Started in Classrooms

Where to start

Remember only a PS214K Account can be used. Sign-out of all other accounts.

Go to classroom.google.com

If you see "Try Another Account" in the middle of the page, Sign-out of all other accounts and try again.
  1. Click the blue "Go to Classroom" button or Click Sign-in.

  2. Enter your PS214K student username and Click Next.

  3. Enter your PS214k student Password and Click Next.

  4. You are now signed-in successfully, follow any prompts.

  5. You will now see your Classroom Click the Class Name or Join button.

Remember to access some of the PS214K resources including Classrooms you will need to be signed in with your PS214K Account. Signing in with any other account or signing in while you are still logged into any other account will not work properly.

Student Resources:

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Online Educational Resources

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