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Academics at PS 214K

Public School 214K is located in City Line, a subsection of East New York, Brooklyn, bordering Queens. As City Line is one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in Brooklyn, we celebrate the diversity of our student population, which is largely Bengali and Hispanic.

We have full classes in every grade, which includes full-day 3K For All, and Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5. The school population comprises 10% Black, 26% Hispanic, 2% White, and 59% Asian students. The student body includes 15% English language learners and 12% special education students. For our student enrollment, boys account for 55% and girls account for 50% of the total student population.

Public School 214K's Mission

Curriculum Overview 2023-2024 | CEP Goals 2023-2024 

Our mission is to educate every child to his and her fullest potential. We provide a comprehensive, standards-driven instructional program designed to address the varied learning styles and ability levels of our students. We strive to build a strong, collaborative relationship with parents and guardians as they have an integral part in our students achieving standards of excellence. 

Every Child, Every Journey... At PS 214K we strive to provide rich, motivating learning experiences for every child. Our goal is to establish environments which open doors to a life of learning. We are here to support our students, their families, and the community in your path to global citizenship in this 21st century.  

Our instructional focus is to strengthen Tier 1 core instruction as a result of teachers analyzing oral and written curriculum assessment tasks to monitor student outcomes, and plan learning experiences where students will show growth towards mastery of standards.

PS 214K is committed to the belief that all students are entitled to opportunities that will allow them to access all learning and become successful. This equity commitment will be achieved by:

1. Holding the school community accountable to high expectations for all student learning.

2. Providing opportunities for each student to explore and build their individual positive identity.

3. Providing intentional experiences and resources for all students, which will allow them to access both academic and non-academic learning, and empower each student to advocate for themselves.

4. Confronting both racial and economic disparities by celebrating our diversity, breaking down cultural barriers and building an appreciation for unique, diverse learners.

5. Providing intensive, data-driven interventions and social-emotional supports for all students to face and deal with challenges, and grow into successful global citizens.

6. Aligning our Equity obligation to the Culturally Responsive Education vision of the NYCDOE and New York State. 

Every Child, Every Journey

It is our hope that all members of the P.S.214K community, including parents, students, teachers, and staff, treat each other with respect and dignity. This involves valuing diverse perspectives, practicing empathy, and fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment.

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